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How To Decorate A Modern Office In 6 Simple Steps

Let’s talk about home office design today! In this blog post, I will teach you how to design a functional office in modern design.

It doesn’t matter if you are an executive working from home or a stay at home mom then perhaps you need a dedicated spot to sort the household bills. Even the kids need an area to sit and concentrate on homework or do computer research whatever your needs we all are in need of a well designed that not only looks good but works well for our needs. Bringing the room together in 6 simple steps!

Office Desk

Let’s begin with the desk- The first element you are going to need is a table or a desk to perform the tasks. depending on your space you can go with a large desk a mid size or something small. When it comes to home office storage is also really important part and you can have storage in form of a bookshelf or a cabinet or desk that has side storage here I have a very sleek and modern looking desk that has a little bit of storage. Here I have a desk that is designed to offer both texture and contrast, this desk makes an eye-catching statement. Rich, dark wood is well complemented by woven cane drawers (for plenty of storage). The slim, iron legs help keep it simple and modern and goes with the look I am going for 🙂

Office Chairs

The second element that is important is the office chairs that swivels and are really comfortable. In this design board I have a comfy office chair that not only looks good but is durable as well! This impressive desk chair contrasts a light neutral upholstery with wooden arms, wrapped in a light-brown leather for a timeless touch.


The third main element would be the seating. whether it’s a love seat sofa or some accent chair, we need some kind of seating for the office area that is comfortable as well as durable. Here I have selected a sleeper sofa from CB2. This awesome looking sleeper sofa has modern design that sits deep with oversized back cushions on polished metal tube frame. It goes from upright to lights out via easy one-person operation off with the back cushions, pull up seat and extend front legs from hidden zipper pockets beneath. Slide seat forward and fold down back.

Interior Design by Modern Design Homes


The fourth element is lighting that is really important to set the mood for the room. You can add various light sources to your room and it can be in different forms of light fixtures . One is the pendant lights or chandeliers that suspend from the ceilings. The second one is floor lamps or table lamps that can be on the floor or side tables. The third one is a scone that can be on the wall. In this design I have chosen a floor lamp that is simple and goes with the modern office decor. I’ve also chosen the chandelier that goes on the ceiling and a lamp that goes on the desk.


The fifth element is adding greenery to your room. I often talk about adding plants indoors because the first reason is they provide various health benefits. the second reason is if its large enough it can serve a purpose as a decor element as well as a focal point! If you think that a real plant can be a lot of maintenance then you can definitely go with the faux plants that does not need any maintenance except dusting or cleaning! Here I have added a large green plant and you can also add two or three succulent plants that can be kept on the desk to complete the look. 


The sixth element is decor adding knick knack decor items in your office can bring the room together. The decor can be in table or shelf decor or wall decor that can be in the form of an artwork or photos. Here I have added several decor elements such as shelf decor, mirror, art work as well wallpaper for a feature wall.

And last but not the least is having an area rug and let me tell you do not miss this element as it provides extra comfort for your feet as well as completes the look of your space. Here I have given a very simple and elegant looking area rug that not only adds a character to the room but also add that extra touch of Modern to this office space. 

Interior Design by Modern Design Homes

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