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Are you still wasting your precious time on social media Trying to DIY Your Home... with no action plan to show for it?

You have spent endless hours learning more than you want to know about Interior Design when all you want to do is enjoy your Family/YOU time!

You are tired of second guessing your design style...

Am I coastal or modern?
Is my area rug the right size?
Is my wall color the right match?
Am I a fan or abstract art or photography art?

Apply to work with me

Get your home crafted in a way that works for YOU, not other way around 

Imagine finally your everyday life is easy peasy - because — Now your Home Sweet Home is in Seamless Harmony

Plus you are busy Mompreneur with everything else on your plate - if you have to figure out one more thing in your life, you may have to YELP! 

It's time to invest in a Professional Interior Designer and use your super power doing what you do the best.

(Which is not curating modern homes... am i correct?!)

Just IMagine...

Now you can come to a cozy & functional home that welcomes you from a stressful day.

Now you can host those fun parties knowing your home is ready to impress your guests.

Now you are staring at a gorgeous art piece in your living room chillaxing instead of staring at boring beige walls.

OOOOH and all the things you will do with that fresh positive energy surrounding you knowing that a professional designer is taking off the stress off your shoulders of designing your dream home!

Desgin my dream home!

Introducing The Modern Design Homes Experience

Tamp's Boutique Interior Design studio where you can find the perfect design service for your needs.

Full-Service Interior Design

At Modern Design Homes, our full-service options cover everything you need to create your dream home.

Full-Service: Construction + Furnishings
For construction, we jump in early to work with your architects or builders, pick contractors, design floor plans, choose fixtures and colors, provide 3D visualizations, and source furniture and art. We’ll make sure your home's curb appeal matches your style.

For furnishings, we handle everything from creating floor plans to selecting and installing furniture, fixtures, decor, window treatments, and custom fabrics. 

Design Day

Get ready for a one-stop-shop experience where we create your dream design in just a day!

My new Design Day Service covers it all, easing your worries by streamlining the entire process. Think of me as your design superhero, handling every detail to make sure your project shines. Let's turn your vision into reality, stress-free and with a touch of flair!

Design Consultation

Perfect for you if you're not quite ready for the full-service interior design extravaganza!

You can call me as your DESIGNER BFF who will handle your design dilemmas teaming up with you for an epic design adventure!, Whether it's advice on furniture, layout tips, or simply brainstorming creative ideas for your space.

Design my home

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"She has a great eye for color, style, and design"

I felt like Gargi exactly understood what I was looking for and was able to stay within my budget. She has a great eye for color, style, and design. I was amazed how she was able to transform the space! 

— Sara T. Lutz, Florida

You find that ah-mazing furniture or decor, the kind that makes your heart skip a beat. 

But hold up! Reality check–when it's in your space, the magic somehow fizzles out….

Well, my savvy friend, it's all about the lighting dance in your home versus that dazzling showroom set up! 

It's like comparing a blockbuster movie to a trailer–the full picture matters! So, let's not just fall for the first crush, but consider the whole aesthetic symphony. Your space deserves the spotlight, not just a fleeting fling with furniture.

Let's work together


it works?



It all kicks off with some super fun "homework" – think design questionnaire and a Pinterest board. After that, we dive into measurements and review your cool assignments. Next up, we're talking design concepts: colors, vibes, and floor plans. Once that's nailed, we're onto the exciting stuff – materials and furniture choices! 


Time for the fun part – ordering and tracking all the awesome stuff! We've got a receiving warehouse to ensure your furniture arrives together in one grand entrance. And guess what? We'll keep you in the loop every other week, so you're always in the know about the whereabouts of your fantastic furniture and materials.


Ta-daaa! The big moment is here! We'll set up a day (or days) to deliver and install your fabulous furniture, adding all the stylish touches to bring your design to life. All that's left is a huge cheer for your stunning, revamped home. And yes, we're bringing your favorite dessert – because celebrations should always be sweet!

My Promise To You 

I might make you cry on the grand reveal day because after that your house will no longer look the same… It will be a home you’ll cherish for years to come.

Your home will be THE PLACE you will be eager to come home to!!

Turning your pad into a cozy haven is like giving it a personality makeover – So I’d say invest in good vibes!

Say ta-ta to that "living in someone else's place" vibe and hello to a home that screams YOU! Picture this: every nook and cranny radiating positive vibes, thanks to your good-vibe infusion. It's not just a home; it's a vibe-filled, personality-packed sanctuary for you and your squad. Cheers to making your space truly yours! 

Interested in working together?

The first step is to fill out an application. After I review your application, we'll schedule a discovery call to talk more about your project!

LEt's DEsign my home

And just who am I?

I’m Gargi Joglekar — I am the owner and lead designer at Modern Design Home.

For about 7 awesome years, I’ve been into the world of interior design.I kicked off my journey freelancing with a New York-based firm, helping them spread their wings into Tampa, Florida. I oversaw residential projects as the lead interior designer, starting from scratch.

Throughout this journey, I’ve had the joy of bringing to life countless visions for stunning, functional, and modern dream homes. My past clients have been a mix of homeowners and savvy investors in the Tampa Bay area.

Hire me as your designer

"Gargi is the best of the best! She is very fair, honest and trustworthy"

Just from talking and meeting with her the first time she knew exactly what look/feel I wanted for my new home. She communicated through the whole process always keeping me in the loop. She did more than an amazing job and really has designed our space very elegantly! I would highly recommend her design services to any one who is directionless.

— Stephanie R. Lutz, Florida

“I can’t say enough about her excellent choice of design and furnishings!"

Gargi designed our Primary Bedroom and we absolutely love our space. I can’t say enough about her excellent choice of design and furnishings. We were pleased with her design process & It was a pleasure to work with her!

— Roberta P., Saint Petersburg, Florida

“Figuring our paint colors was overwhelming... but thank goodness Gargi jumped in to rescue me!"

I thought I was able to get the paint right but ended up getting so intimidated by the paint options. Working with Gargi was the best decision as she made the right choice for our home. I no longer feel uncomfortable with our wall colors!

— Sara T. Lutz, Florida

so tell me...

Are we a match in design heaven?

We might be a good fit if…

You are aiming for more than just window shopping and are ready to invest in a beautiful and functional space that you call home.

You are open to new ideas and willing to trust the process, along with an expert. As a bonus,  you are drawn to my design style!

You are ready to show your commitment and dive into the excitement with full-on enthusiasm! 

We might not be a good fit if…

If you're in a mad rush, to spruce up your space solely for a party deadline. Or, if you want just one room designed. 

If your schedule is crazy busy to the point where email replies might slip through the cracks or following the process feels like an uphill climb

If you find yourself constantly second-guessing every design decision and doing the "mind-change shuffle”.

I'm ready for my new home

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

What's included in the Initial Visit?

Our consultations last 60-90 minutes of dedicated in-home time. During this meeting, I thoroughly explore your entire residence, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your unique style. We conduct a walkthrough, take precise measurements, and provide insights into layout, furnishings, and the ideal design aesthetic tailored to your preferences. Your questions about the project are welcome as we cover the full design spectrum.

After the initial visit, we schedule a Virtual Scope of Work Meeting to discuss your project's specifics, outline our comprehensive design process, and provide a detailed quote.

Please note that the consultation fee is non-refundable and doesn't apply to future design hours. We appreciate your commitment to our design journey and look forward to creating a space that aligns with your vision and lifestyle.

How long does it normally take to complete a full service project?

The design phase in our comprehensive service usually spans 4-6 weeks. After design approval, we proceed to order products and initiate any necessary work. We'll then provide shipping and completion timelines from our vendors, ranging from 12-20 weeks or longer. When your home is set for soft furnishings, we'll coordinate the installation day, orchestrating all the elements for an exciting reveal.

For a full-service furnishing project, the entire process can last between 4-7 months. In the case of a renovation or new build project, the timeline may extend to a year or more.

Inquire more about your project here.

Can you use my existing pieces?

While I strive to integrate heirlooms and antiques into your design, ensuring compatibility with your design goals, I cannot guarantee that your existing pieces will harmonize seamlessly with the overall aesthetic.

What if I just want consultation services do you provide those?

Heck Yeah!! Design Consultation is the service you are looking for! Maybe you're not quite ready for the full-service interior design extravaganza, and that's perfectly fine with me. Perhaps you're seeking an expert's insight on furniture choices, optimal placement, or just some creative ideas for your living space.

Still Have Questions?

Reach out directly and I'll be more than happy to help!

get in touch

Ready to live in a space you love?

Whether you're dreaming of a total home makeover or just some snazzy updates, I've got your back through every step of the design journey, from the big concepts to the nitty-gritty details.

I'm ready to apply!

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