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9 Designer’s Favorite Gourd Lamps

Lighting is really important part in your home because it improves the ambience and brings warmth in your space. Insufficient lighting can make the room feel gloomy and cramped. When you add proper amount of lighting in the room you’re not only changing the entire look of the room, but adding a warm and welcoming feel to the space. In addition to proper lighting you should also consider accent lighting because it is essential when it comes to Interior Decor of your space. I’m sure many homeowners want a home that is warm and inviting where you will be able to entertain your friends and family gathering. 

If you you want the area to look fresh and clean, an accent lighting can add that extra elegance and pop to the interiors of your home, making it look on point. Please remember that decor and accessories play equal part when it comes to making the space interesting. Painting your room with good choice of colors is not enough. Lighting is the essential element in sprucing up a space. It is another tool in bringing out the personality of the space. Think beyond recessed lighting, Table lamps, floor lamps, scones and accent lights are the forms of light you want to use to highlight certain area, create drama, add elegance or set the mood.

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By adding different design texture and colored lamp base you are bringing in the attention that your space needs. For example, if you want to highlight an accent wall and you have all the decor elements such as sideboard or console table and artwork, you can put a pair of lamps to emphasize the look of the space. While functionally it can also highlight the artwork that is displayed on the wall, bringing focal point to that wall and making it your accent wall. I guarantee you that you will wow guests with something that simple!!

These gourd lamps are perfect for your modern home to break the clean lines and to add a fun look to the space. You can choose this curvy lamps to break the monotony and add that extra pop of color that the space needs. 

Check these nine gaurd lamps from my favorite collection that I often recommend to bring that extra elegance and uniqueness to the space whether you are styling your console table or highlighting your accent wall. Any of these nine lamps would be perfect for your modern eclectic or transitional home.

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