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Create A Welcoming Entry & Impress Your Guests

This is for those who always are looking ways to  accessorize their table and make a grand entryway! Well In this blog I am going to share some awesome & simple tips & tricks for creating a designer styled, Magazine- worthy styling for your entryway area…. 

How to accessorize a console table!!

Let’s get started!! Because hey that’s the first thing they will notice when they walk in from the door in to your home.

Add Statement Piece

Mirror or Art both are perfect or you can always keep rotating to give a new look for your entryway. Whether it’s a transporting seascape photograph, a vibrant floral still life, or a bold abstraction, look for an oversize work that can visually anchor your console on the wall. The frame should be narrower than the width of your table by a few inches on each side. 

Decorative Knick Knacks

On the each shelf, create one or two stacks of books (oversize design tomes work well) and decorative boxes. These will act as pedestals for accents, allowing you to place items at varying heights to create an engaging visual rhythm. 

Console Table

The console table should be a charmer!! A console table can give your space a stylish touch while giving you much-needed storage. Make an impression on guests with a beautiful entryway table or hallway table that also provides you with a place to put keys, bags, and more! 

Storage Baskets

Now fill out the shelves! In the empty spaces between the top shelf and bottom add some baskets for organic warmth. There’s no right or wrong way to approach this step, so simply consider what looks most pleasing to your eye. 

Rug Runner

Don’t miss this step 🙂 Rug runners serve the purpose to fill empty narrow space giving the illusion of elongating a particular space. They enhance the décor and easily add character and comfort to any room or space in your home. Runner rugs come in different shapes and forms, but Rugs Direct suggests either a 2 x 6 or 2 x 9 runner to protect the length of your entryway. It enhances the décor and easily add character and comfort to any room or space in your home.


Now add plants next to the console table if it’s taller even better. Plants add life, movement, and natural texture to any room. They clean the air we breathe, encourage a sense of calm and provide a connection to the outdoors.

Table Lamp

Light It up 🙂 …Whether it’s a gorgeous table lamp, a swing-arm task lamp, or even a picture light, every console could use a light source—after all, you want to highlight that gorgeous entryway area you just created!

 Ta-Da! Now stand back and admire your handiwork—and start contemplating the next place to apply this Styling Mantra from this “Designer Pal” 🙂 

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