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When to Hire A Designer For A Kitchen Remodel?

Are you planning on brightening up and adding some life to your boring dull kitchen? As one of the most used spaces in your home, this is a major renovation. As such, you may be wondering whether it’s worth hiring a professional interior designer to help with your kitchen remodel. We’re all about saving money here, so the short answer to this question is: yes. 

Keep reading and we’ll provide a few examples of why it’s worth hiring an interior designer. 

When to Hire A Designer For A Kitchen Remodel?

Your kitchen is the center of your family’s day-to-day living. It’s the place where memories are made. In fact, some real estate agents will tell you that kitchens are the one room that can add the most value to your home

Therefore, the first question that may pop is if you should hire a designer to help you with the remodel. In our experience, there are certain circumstances where hiring a designer is a must and others where it’s optional but still a great idea. 

Situations where hiring a designer for a kitchen remodel is a MUST are as followed:

You Want to Increase the Property Value of Your Home: If you’re remodeling your kitchen solely for the purpose of adding property value, then it is smart to consult with a professional. A designer can ensure your kitchen is up to date on the latest trends and will therefore appeal to prospective buyers.

Your Kitchen is Old: Updating an older house is a challenge no matter what room you’re renovating, but with the kitchen, it can be especially difficult. From outdated building codes to historical design elements, a designer can help you navigate complex problems with ease. Plus, designers will know how to flawlessly integrate the more unique historic elements of your kitchen with new design trends, ensuring the aesthetic of your new kitchen flows with the rest of your house.

Situations where hiring a designer for a kitchen remodel is a GREAT IDEA:

If you’re looking to make any significant changes to your kitchen, such as structural changes, demolition, or electrical or plumbing work, then a contractor will be required somewhere down the line (unless you’re a serious DIY-er). 

So the question is really whether to hire a designer or a contractor. If your kitchen remodel doesn’t fit into any of the categories above, then chances are you need to hire a contractor, but the great news is that most of the time designers partner with authorized and trusted contractors so you don’t have to waste time or stress out. They will manage the entire project from start to finish, including deliveries, scheduling, and dealing with manufacturers and suppliers.

You get the best of both worlds and surely at a lower price than what you’ll be paying if you hire both professionals separately.

Specific instances where hiring a general contractor and a general contractor only is the way to go:

If you’re on a tight budget or have a great sense of interior design already and mainly want help avoiding common planning or building mistakes. Though not designers, contractors have enough knowledge to provide advice on the best building methods and materials and how to navigate local building codes. The downside? Your Pinterest dream kitchen designed for perfection and optimum efficiency will not be guaranteed. 

What Will the Certified Designer Help Me With?

  • Planning an efficient room layout
  • Creating a budget
  • Incorporating your desired style into the design elements
  • Selecting materials and products that fit your budget and match your style
  • Advising you on new products and latest technology
  • Coordinating the subcontractors—plumbers, electricians, lighting experts, carpenters, cabinet installers, flooring specialists, etc.
  • Making the kitchen work efficiently, comfortably, maximizing appeal, storage and function.

Bottom Line

Re-modeling is complicated and can be messy, therefore, investing in hiring a professional designer to help can make the difference. We hope you found this list helpful and feel that you’re better prepared for your kitchen renovation!

Any questions? Get in touch for a consultation and we will be glad to help!

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