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Modern Design Homes is a Tampa-based Boutique Interior Design Firm

Transforming Your Cookie-cutter House into an Inviting, Cozy, and Stylish Modern Home For everyday living

From crafting the perfect color palette to curating distinctive hard surfaces, material and hand picking textiles, so it matches who you are!!

Full Service Design

For those looking for a turnkey design service from the initial concept all the way through to completion, without the hassle.

New Build Design

For those looking for a professional to coordinate your build on your behalf & design your move-in-ready dream home.

Design Consultations

For those who prefer to DIY but seeks professional guidance in design, furnishing selection, and space planning.

 caught in a Pinterest loop unable to break free?

 Despite having a grasp on good design, an abundance of ideas, easy access to social media, and a board full of stylish furniture inspiration... you suddenly realize you've tumbled down an internet rabbit hole of interconnected ideas with no tangible action plan.

And why should you copy what’s on the internet when your style is as unique as you are?

After diving deep into all this research, you're left pondering the grand questions: where, when, and how on earth are you going to find everything to style and set up, your home?

A whopping 90% of us busy beings takes an eternity just to crack open those delivery boxes. And that doesn't include the Herculean task of assembling the furniture!

Here's why working with a professional Interior Designer can be a game changer for you — I love mixing and matching unexpected elements to create something amazing.
Creative interior designers like me always think outside the box!

By bringing in an expert—ahem, that’s me—you'll not only lighten your load, but you'll also have fun collaborating! Just sit back and relax, because I’ve got this!

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When you choose to kickstart your project with Modern Design Homes

We go beyond merely crafting a visually stunning home — We're all about the 3 C's


Picture this as the unique fingerprint of your space. It's that special quality that defines your style, theme, or personality within the design. Your home deserves a touch that resonates with your UNIQUE PERSONALITY, making it unmistakably yours.


Ever dreamt of a space where every element seamlessly comes together in perfect harmony?

That's what we excel at - creating a unified, balanced whole that perfectly fits into your and your family's busy schedule. 


It's not just about looks; it's about feels. Coziness is the secret ingredient that goes beyond aesthetics, weaving a warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home. Our curated spaces not only look good but feel like a haven you'd never want to leave.

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"Super helpful and communicative throughout the process. The design fit everything we were looking for, and is perfect!"

— Matthew C.

Founder of Modern Design Homes

Meet Gargi Joglekar — Interior Designer & Artist

Welcome to your one and only one boutique interior design firm that curates an average + boring cookie cutter house into a modern, inviting home by minimizing demolition and maximizing innovation. 

Whether you're eyeing a single-room makeover, revamping a few spaces, or going all out with a full-house renovation, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Along with a comprehensive  Information Guide that will come in handy-dandy to prep you for what's next, coupled with regular updates nestled snugly in our project timeline. Say goodbye to the guessing game about project stages or the whereabouts of your furniture – I've got it all covered.

We firmly believe that crafting your dream home should be a breeze on your end – stress-free! That's exactly the experience I’m here to deliver.

So sit back, relax, and let us handle the magic!

Over 7 + Years Experience

Over 100+ Clients Served

Expert visual illustrator

The MDH Process

Here's how we will Curate your home in 3 simple steps 

Discovery Call + Initial Visit + Sow

First off, we'll kick things off with a cozy chat – a deep-dive consultation where we'll spill the beans on your goals, budget, and timeline. It's like setting the stage for the magic to happen!

The deets helps me get inside your head, and together, we'll whip up a customized design plan that's all about you!

NExt Step →

Design Creating + Design Presentation

Then comes the fun part – concept development!

Picture mood boards, color schemes, and material selections popping up, giving you a sneak peek of the fantastic final outcome. It's like crafting your personal design adventure.

NExt Step →

Procurement Process + Design Implementation 

Once we're all giddy with the concept, I roll up my sleeves and dive into curating the perfect combo of furniture, accessories, and artwork that syncs seamlessly with your design dreams.

And here's the secret sauce – I've got this awesome network of trusty suppliers and vendors, making sure we snag top-notch, one-of-a-kind pieces to take your space to the next level. 

Let's get started →


"Gargi is the best of the best! She is very fair, honest and trustworthy"

Just from talking and meeting with her the first time she knew exactly what look/feel I wanted for my new home. She communicated through the whole process always keeping me in the loop. She did more than an amazing job and really has designed our space very elegantly! I would highly recommend her design services to any one who is directionless.

— Stephanie R. Lutz, Florida

— Roberta P., Saint Petersburg, Florida

Gargi designed our Primary Bedroom and we absolutely love our space. I can’t say enough about her excellent choice of design and furnishings. We were pleased with her design process & It was a pleasure to work with her!

“I can’t say enough about her excellent choice of design and furnishings!"

— Sara T. Lutz, Florida

I thought I was able to get the paint right but ended up getting so intimidated by the paint options. Working with Gargi was the best decision as she made the right choice for our home. I no longer feel uncomfortable with our wall colors!

“Figuring our paint colors was overwhelming... but thank goodness Gargi jumped in to rescue me!"

Ready to live in a space you love?

Whether you're dreaming of a total home makeover or just some snazzy updates, I've got your back through every step of the design journey, from the big concepts to the nitty-gritty details.

Let's design your dream home

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